Statement on Cyber Stalking

On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog. Libel laws don’t apply cross-border, or to those who live outside the law. If you’ve had your reputation maligned, your intimate photos shared, your trust betrayed, then you know how serious of an issue this is. 

I am the victim of online libel for the purpose of extortion. As the perpetrator lives in a jurisdiction beyond the reach of the US legal system, my remedies are currently limited. I take my integrity and reputation very seriously, something this individual exploited for pecuniary gain after stealing confidential personal information. Our personal data is stolen and sold without consequence, an injustice that helps fuel my passion for the preservation of our digital privacy.

Wild tales about all manner of sordid deeds, woven in with 2% of accurate facts, make for entertaining reading if nothing else. If you landed on this page as part of a diligence check for a potential collaboration, please don’t hesitate to ask for references, many of which span decades – I am proud to still count employees, customers, and business partners from 20+ years ago as solid relationships today.